Hi, I’m Josh. I’m just a man, saved by a gracious and loving God, trying to be a gracious and loving husband,  father, son, creative arts pastor, and audiovisual guru. My life is full, my days are busy, but I want to run full speed ahead after what God has called me to, not caring what may lie ahead, i’m just trying to run “the rhino run“.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. hey uncle josh….its jordan. i really like your blog, its very cool. i think i might look into it instead of having a myspace or some other thing like that 🙂 —>talk to you later!

  2. hey……its blakely.Love your blog you should check mine out:)

  3. Hey rhino,

    AlphaInventions.com is still free to use. You just saw me running a test in case I get hit with spammers.

    Read more about it in the forums you just posted to.

  4. Josh! What is up man? Great to see you are doing well and involved in Christian ministry! I am as well. Infact, I’ve noticed that many of the folks I grew up knowing are doing much the same thing. I had big plans of being a full-time Baptist Pastor and then… BAMMM!… God stepped in.

    Anyway, I hope your music ministry includes lots of Rich Mullins!!! Check out my wordpress site sometime @ http://www.WhatTroubleAreGiants.com

    Matt Guthrie

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