Sunday Breakdown 10.30.11

It’s amazing how I can get behind on these blog posts! Here I am a week later trying to get caught up. Sunday the 30th was an AMAZING day at LIFE Church. There are days that raise the bar, days that set the standard higher for what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of our Church and this was one of those days. We changed some things around with the flow of the service and that coupled with the power of the message and the weight of what God was doing in people’s lives made for a truly amazing time of corporate worship. Here’s the breakdown of the morning…

Suitcases (Dara Maclean) – A great song talking about how we can’t run for God when we’re holding onto the baggage of our past. We’ve got to lay it down and let God carry it! Christy did a great job leading this song!


Break Free (Hillsong) – I intro’d this song with the story of David bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to the Israelite people and how he could only go 6 steps before having to stop and worship, truly unhindered, no-baggage worship. This was our first time doing this song and I think it was VERY well received! People really seemed to resonate with this song and connect to the declaration!

Your Love Never Fails (Jesus Culture) – One of our all-time favorites. This song always goes over well, but today it really connected and the people really clung to it!

Rhythms of Grace (Hillsong) – I’ve got my top songs and this one is definitely on the list. I intro’d it this morning with  a passage from Matthew 11 (from the Message version), “Get away with me and you’ll recover your life…learn the unforced rhythms of grace”. We also did the offering as part of this song (towards the end) and reiterated that the offering is truly an act of worship. It was a great change-up and powerful way to communicate worship.

–Jason’s Message–

Not Guilty Anymore (Aaron Keyes) – Wow, wow, wow. An extremely powerful song sung from God’s perspective over us declaring that because of Jesus, we are not not guilty anymore. We are forgiven, we are free from condemnation, we are spotless! We did this song and then I dismissed everyone but gave the option for people to stay and continue singing if they’d like as we continued to play. It was amazing seeing how people stayed and wanted to continue worshipping even though the service was “over”. God’s presence and spirit were definitely here and moving and the people were truly touched and changed by the love of God in some awesome ways!

That was the set! Leave some comments!



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