Sunday Breakdown 10.23.11

Man oh man! Today was absolutely amazing! I can’t get over how the spirit was moving throughout LIFE Church today. I felt like last week was a bit off, kind of a “vanilla” week, but definitely not this week! Pastor Jason began our new series,, this morning with a message called “Getting Past The Past” and all I can say is, WOW. What a powerful message talking about the baggage of our past and how we let ourselves be so bound with what has happened to us, things we did to ourselves AND things we had no control over! Make sure to check out the LIFE Church website for the video of the message, it should be up by Monday afternoon. Now, to get to the worship set! The people of LIFE Church were singing louder than I’ve heard them in a long time. There were definitely a LOT of open hearts being moved by the Spirit of God. It’s always so awesome to be able to see, from my perspective on stage, the people responding to God in corporate worship by singing, lifting hands, and just truly pouring themselves out! LIFE Church, I’m blessed to be able to lead worship for you every week! So what was the set list? Here we go…

Rise and Sing (Fee) – This has been a LIFE Church favorite for a while and I thought fit the opening for our series perfectly. “If you were bound, but now you’re free…”. What else can you say? It was awesome hearing the people really get into this song!


Here and Now (Eddie Kirkland) – This is a brand new song I learned while at Catalyst back at the first of October. I knew the first time I heard it, that I couldn’t wait to bring it back to LIFE Church and today was the day. I thought that overall, it was VERY well received and we will do it again VERY soon. Whenever we introduce a new song, I like to repeat it within a week or two to reinforce it and help it take root with the people.

No One Higher/The Stand (Fee) – We’ve been doing this song for a while now. Typically when we do it, we slide right into the full version of The Stand at the end. I love the energy that this song helps convey.

The Stand (Hillsong) – Again, about all I can say is wow. It’s amazing how people let this song speak to them and really engaged with worship through this song. I love how we took it at the end and really challenged ourselves with truly living out what we were singing, to truly stand with our hands held high and our hearts (with all their baggage) abandoned at the feet of Jesus. To stand with our souls surrendered to HIM truly saying that ALL we are is HIS!

Blessings (Laura Story) – This was a special song we did as an intro into Pastor Jason’s message. Amy led it and Chad Hodges, our Student Ministry Intern sang with her. They both did an absolutely incredible job! It was great to see how this song really affected people and how people truly connected with it. It was a perfect lead-in to the message, talking about baggage and how so many times the things we think of as tragedies and trials can turn out to be the blessings of God in disguise.

–Jason’s message–

Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone (Chris Tomlin arr.) – One of my favorite songs. It’s the traditional hymn spiced up a little bit with the modern chorus. I love how we put a southern rock spin on it as well. Again, amazing to see how this song was such a catalyst for some very true and authentic worship today!


Here and Now Reprise (Eddie Kirkland) – We did the chorus a couple of times then went into the driving bridge for our reprise as people were walking out.

Alright, so as you can see, I was pretty pumped about today’s services. If you were here, what was your favorite moment of worship? If you weren’t, tell me about your service or about what’s going on with you and your worship times!


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One Response to “Sunday Breakdown 10.23.11”

  1. Hey, Josh! It was great to get to meet you yesterday between services (even though I fussed at my husband ’cause I know how crazy your time between must be!). I enjoy your blog posts, especially since I’m not familiar with the Fee songs so usually am trying to remember to stop and write down some of the lyrics so I can look them up afterward. So I was very grateful to find that you post your set list! 🙂 I really liked the first song, Rise and Sing, and had never heard it before, so was really getting two new songs – woo hoo! I love The Stand, so I thought that was going to be my favorite worship moment, but My Chains are Gone always wrecks me, so I think that’s probably my fave moment at this point. But I have totally enjoyed worshiping with y’all at Life Church. The first service we attended was the communion service where y’all were more unplugged and it totally blew me away. I’m looking forward to many more services at LC and maybe to even getting the chance to jam with the team at some point? I noticed yesterday that you guys do have a keyboard player now, so that’s cool. At any rate, didn’t intend for this to become such a long comment, but I’m attributing that to the two cups of coffee thus far this morning. Blessings to you and your family! 🙂

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