The Sunday Breakdown 9.5.10

What a beautiful day! It was almost cold this morning when I headed out the door for church. Not quite, but almost. It’s such a welcome relief from the extreme temperatures we’ve had the past couple of months. It’s amazing how all of God’s creation helps us to worship him. As I was driving to the church, I was in awe of God’s goodness in our lives. The beauty of creation around me, another day’s air to breathe, the very love of God pouring out to us in so many ways, we so often take for granted!

Today was a new day in a lot of different ways. Musically, we started a new chapter at Life Church today. Last week was the last week for a couple of our musicians, so today we had some new faces helping to fill in the gaps. Everyone did a great job and things turned out really well! It’s great to know that there are musicians that are ready and willing and able to step in at a moment’s notice to carry on and (no pun intended) not miss a beat!

Well, here’s the setlist…

Become Who You Are (Mainstay) – Our opener tied in to the message that Mark was bringing today. He talked on “Transforming Your Experiences” and that’s the basis of this song. It’s a fun song to do also, so it was nice to be able to pull it out again!

Rise and Sing (Fee) – Another fun, upbeat, rockin’ song that serves as a great “Call To Worship”. “If you’re alive and you’ve been redeemed/rise and sing/rise and sing!”


Your Love Never Fails (Jesus Culture) – One of my absolute favorites right now! We raised it up a step this morning so it would flow better in to “Let Me Sing”, so it was a little higher than I was used to, but I thought it went well regardless. I actually like stretching to the top of my range sometimes, especially on a song I love so much!

Let Me Sing (Todd Fields) – This is just an awesome song, period. I tried to really encourage and bring home the point that we sing our praises to God with more than just our songs, but with our whole lives! It seemed to really give the song a new perspective for a lot of people and drove it even deeper!

–Mark’s Message–

Our God Is Greater (Chris Tomlin) – This song has been all over the radio lately, but this was the first time we’ve sung it at Life. It’s a great song, but it was also a perfect response song for Mark’s message. No matter what, no matter our experiences, whatever our circumstances…”Our God is greater/our God is stronger/God You are higher than any other/our God is healer/awesome in power/our God, our God”!


Our God Is Greater reprise

That was the setlist! Leave me a comment, and answer this you find yourself being encouraged to worship through nature and the creation of God?


*This post is part of  the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival hosted at TheWorshipCommunity.Com

~ by rhinorun on September 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Sunday Breakdown 9.5.10”

  1. great stuff Josh. i’m a big fan of “your love never fails” as well. have you heard chris mcclarnery’s version? i believe he wrote the song. check out his new release called “defender.”

    stay connected…

  2. As I read your post from the House ‘o Dreams atop Lavender Mtn., I would have to answer with an emphatic, “Yes!” I’m in awe of the majesty of His creation!

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