Sunday Breakdown 8.29.10

Today was bittersweet. BJ (lead guitar) and Trent (drums) have been playing with us for over 2 years now but both feel it is time to move on the next stage of their lives in ministry, music, church, etc. So today was their last day as a part of the Life Church band. It’s bitter because I thoroughly enjoy playing with these guys, they are both GREAT musicians! It’s sweet because I know God is going to bless them as they move on in their endeavors and I know God has some GREAT things in store for Life Church as well as we begin a new chapter of music. We’ve got some musicians in the wings that are ready to step up and I’m excited to see how God is going to work!

This morning was also a very powerful message. Jason spoke on “Redeeming Your Time” and it was great! Make sure and go check out the message if you missed it!

We mixed up the flow of the morning a little bit, doing a bulk of our musical worship after the message. I thought things went very well this morning and it was a nice change to mix things up some. Here’s the setlist…

This Is Who I Am (Third Day) – Third Day is my favorite band and has been for a LONG time. I really enjoyed getting a chance to play this song, perfect song and a perfect fit for our series and what we’re talking about!

God Is With Us (Michael Olson) – Great song that we do fairly often at Life Church. This song has a great hook that really gets the energy moving and helps set the tone!

–Announcement Video–we worked on transitioning live announcements to a pre-recorded announcement video. I thought this went over very well for our first time!

Anything But Me (Joel Goddard) – For this song, everyone left the stage except for me. We had the words on the screens, but it wasn’t a song we sang together, more of a “reflect on the words” song. This was a perfect set-up for Jason’s message on “Redeeming Your Time”.

–Jason’s Message–

Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone (Chris Tomlin) – My all-time favorite hymn. I love the way we do it, adding some “southern rock” flavor!

From The Inside Out (Hillsong) – Again, tying into the message, a powerful song declaring to God, “consume me from the inside out”!

Glory To God Forever (Fee) – I’ve said it before, but this song has definitely become a Life Church classic. For whatever reason, people really connect with this song and seem to sing it louder and louder every time we sing it!

–Offering video (touching video about a young boy in our church and his story on tithing)–

Glory To God Forever reprise

Well, that was our Sunday morning. How did God speak to you this morning?


*This post is part of  the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival hosted at TheWorshipCommunity.Com

~ by rhinorun on August 29, 2010.

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