Sunday Breakdown 7.18.10

Alright, I’m finally caught up. I’ve said it too many times, so I’m not going to claim anything anymore. I’ll try to do better on this blog, but no promises!

So, we started a new series yesterday called, “Running on Empty”. It’s a problem we all face daily and struggle with, feeling like we’re running out of gas in all areas of our life. It was encouraging to hear Jason’s message about how to stay “filled up” and avoid running low. I’m looking forward to this next week as we wrap up the series and hear more about how to keep from running on empty.

So, here was our setlist for this week.

Runnin’ On Empty (Jackson Brown) – The theme song for this series. It’s a fun song that’s pretty familiar to everybody.


All Creation Sings (Newspring Worship) – This is a newer song we’ve been doing recently that I’ve really been enjoying. It’s a great song!

Song of Hope (Robbie Seay Band) – This is such a fun song. Upbeat, energetic, and a great all around song.

You Never Let Go (Matt Redman) – To me, this is one of the “classics” for Life Church. No matter how long it’s been or how short it’s been since we’ve sang this song, it always goes over well. People really connect with this song. How can you not though, “I can see a light/that is coming/for the heart that holds on/there will be an end/to these troubles/but until that comes/still I will praise You/still I will praise You”!

–Jason’s Message–

With Everything (Hillsong) – We introduced this song 2 weeks ago, so this was only our second time doing it. I absolutely LOVE this song, and I think the rest of the church does too. It’s awesome to hear how loud Life Church sings this song! If you’ve never heard this song, click on the link now and give it a listen!

All Because of Jesus (Fee) – Another classic of Life Church. We’ve sang this song since the very first days of Life Church and it’s awesome to see how it still has such power for the people of Life Church.

Well, that was our setlist. Out of these songs, which is your favorite?


*This post is part of  the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival hosted at TheWorshipCommunity.Com

~ by rhinorun on July 19, 2010.

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