Summer Schedule

One of the joys of working for the University System is our summer schedule. Now, I don’t get the whole summer off like teachers do, but we do swap to a 4-day work week during the summer. We usually get 2 months of this schedule, but this year we’re only getting one. So, for the month of June, every weekend is a 3-day weekend for me.

We’ve learned the hard way though, that this can be a curse at times. If we’re not careful, the summer is over, I’m back to 5-day work weeks and we look back and have nothing to show for our extra time. We start the summer with grandiose plans of all we’re going to do and all we’re going to get done and then we look back and see we actually did maybe a fraction of those intended items.

So Joe do we break the cycle? For us, we’ve learned, it’s all about being intentional and deliberate. We have to be intentional with our time. We have to committ to using our time the way we WANT to, not the way it defaults to. We have to be deliberate with our plans and with our planning. We WILL do this, We WILL make this happen.

This summer is going to be different. We’re already off to a better start, here’s to following through!

What are your steps to being intentional? Are you intentional with your time?



~ by rhinorun on June 4, 2010.

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