Sunday Breakdown 5.30.10

So, this is the first Sunday Breakdown since the resurrection of the Rhino Run. Big thanks to my awesome wife, Mandy, for the awesome Sunday breakdown logo seen above! Go on over and give her some blog love!

Today was great! What an awesome Sunday. I know that it doesn’t take a worship service or anything that any church can do for God to work and do wonders, but it still amazes me to see God move when His people gather together to corporately worship together and the coolest thing is seeing people worship not only in song, but in communion and baptisms! From the get-go this morning, you could just feel the spirit moving throughout the people. We did an opening song, then went into our welcome time followed by a very moving flag presentation by our very own war hero, Ken Ward. Ken presented Life Church with a flag that flew over his station during his last tour in Iraq, serving during “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Ken also presented each of the staff members with a special military coin, which I will treasure forever! Huge thanks to Ken for his service to our country, continuing to ensure our freedom here in the United States! It was great to be able to personally thank Ken, but there are many others who will never be able to be thanked, due to them paying the ultimate price for freedom, and as we observe today, I hope we never forget them and remember the sacrifice that was made for us.

In the idea of looking back and remembering, we also had a time of communion this morning. Remembering the sacrifice God made in offering his Son for our sins. The body of Christ, broken for us. The blood of Christ, poured out for us. Wow!

So, in preparing our set list, I tried to maintain the them of recognizing and remembering the price that was paid and celebrating the victory that has been won. So, here’s the musical set list from this morning…

We Stand (Lee McDerment) – A great, up-beat, rocking song declaring that We Stand with one victorious, Jesus the Crucified!


–Flag presentation


We Are Alive (Elevation Worship) – Another upbeat tune that really embraces the fact that we are alive because Jesus died. I love the chorus, “We are alive/ because You died/ You buried our shame/ when You rose from the grave/ You became man/ and you conquered our sin/ So, we’ll live this life to celebrate, celebrate Your love”!

Beautiful The Blood (Steve Fee) – A nice medium tempo anthem that talks about the beauty in the gruesome. Most of the time when we talk about it, blood is gross. We don’t like to see blood. But in the terms of the crucifixion, it was the blood of Christ that saved us, so how can the blood of Christ not be beautiful?

In Christ Alone (Keith & Kristyn Getty) – I’ve loved this song for a long time, and it’s awesome the way that over the years, it never loses it’s power! Amy led the majority of this song and did a GREAT job!

–Jason’s Message


Communion Song (Josh Perry) – Sorry, no amazon link to this one. This is a song I wrote about 7 years ago specifically for the time of participating in Communion. A really simple chorus that focuses on the act of communion.

Here we are together, to find You in this place

Here we are together, just to seek Your face

With nothing else before us, we are pilgrims far from home

So, Father please reveal Yourself and make Your glory known

You are the body and the blood

You have prepared a table with love

So, this we do in remembrance of You

For You are the body and the blood

Communion (Third Day) – I love this song too. Similar to the one I wrote, it’s another simple chorus that celebrates the act of communion.

–Response Time

Jesus Paid It All (Kristian Stanfill) – The old hymn with a revised chorus that is flat out rockin’! LOVE this song, and man were the people of Life Church singing this morning. When the band stopped playing and only the people were singing, it was sooo loud!


Salvation is Here (Hillsong) – We’ve been doing this song since the very first Sunday Life Church met, and it is still awesome! And to me, this was a perfect way to close our time this morning. So awesome to be able to say, “I know my God saved the day / and I know His word never fails / and I know my God made a way for me / Salvation is Here”!!!

So, there you go…our Sunday morning at Life Church.

Were you there? If so, what did you think of the morning?


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~ by rhinorun on May 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Sunday Breakdown 5.30.10”

  1. yeah, I was there and it was a sweet, sweet worship experience. I have been thinking about it all day, and really trying to pin point what made it such a Sunday standout. For me, it all came down to celebrating life in Christ- his death and resurrection which was personified in 4 precious baptisms and his body that was broken and his blood that was shed which was remembered in communion. It wasn’t just singing worshipful words, it was an engaging worship experience where we celebrated and participated in the very things we sang about. Grateful, deeply grateful!

  2. All I can say is WOW!!!!! I am so blessed to be part of Life Church and Yes the spirit of God was so amazing and EVERY song was so perfect. I had no idea you wrote the communion song. You are so gifted. Thank You Thank You for being a vessel and doing what you do perfectly.

  3. Sounds like a great service! Thanks for reminding me of “Beautiful the Blood”! I’ve been meaning to do that song – maybe this week for communion.

    I’d love to see a lead sheet for your Communion song as well. Love the lyrics.


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