Sunday Breakdown 8.30.09

This Sunday was a much better day for me than last week! It still blows me away to see how God is moving during this series! So far, we’ve had 4 weeks of our “Hostage” series and we have 1 week left. So far there have been at least 20 people who have decided to trust Jesus with their lives!

From a production standpoint, it was a pretty CRAZY morning. We were working through some issues leading almost right up till “go time”, and to top it off, Ben, our bassist had the power go out at his house and ended up oversleeping and missing the whole morning. So, were a full band, minus a bass guitar. Interesting, but we made it!

So, this was our setlist…

We Won’t Be Quiet (David Crowder Band)

God Is With Us (Michael Olson)

We Are Alive (Elevation Worship)

Let Me Sing (Todd Fields)

-Jason’s Message-

I Stand Amazed (Passion version)

All Because of Jesus (Steve Fee)

Alright, let’s get some comments going!! If you could pick any song for the setlist this coming week, what would it be?


this post is part of the “Sunday Setlist” blog carnival over at Go check it out!

~ by rhinorun on September 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sunday Breakdown 8.30.09”

  1. song of hope! i adore that song!!

  2. Me too, Stacy, it’s my FAV!!!

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