Sunday Breakdown 8.16.09

WOW, what a great day at Life Church! I LOVE seeing God move in such mighty ways, it never ceases to amaze me to see lives changed!

We had a lot of programming elements to overcome this week, but our tech team did great and pulled it off! Not only did we have a drama (we’d never done anything like this at Life Church before) but we also had a Baptism at the beginning of the service as well. We also wanted to make sure and include our buffer video for the Hostage Series, so obviously everything was tight. We actually ended up cutting one of our songs to help accommodate everything!

If you want to see the service along with the sermon notes, click here!

So, here was our set.

Drifter (Mainstay) – We opened the service with this song as a way to set the tone for “Addictions”. “I’ve got to get back home to you!”

-immediately following drifter, we showed the buffer video-

-immediately following the buffer video, Mark came up and did the announcements and gave a “graphic warning” for the rest of the service.

-immediately following the announcements, Greg performed the Baptism to the left of the stage area, we then went back into the music.

Overcome (Lee McDerment) – A great song declaring God has already overcome the sins and struggles we face everyday!

-After “Overcome”, Christy read Isaiah 53 (from “The Message” translation)

Free (Todd Fields) – I love this song, “Glory to God who gave His Son, Glory to God the victory’s one, hallelujah, hallelujah, I am free!”

-Lifehouse Skit- You’ve GOT to see this skit, it is VERY powerful! Click on it, you won’t regret it!

Mark’s Message

Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone (Chris Tomlin) – This song has kind of become the theme for the series. We also sang this song last week, I can’t complain though…GREAT song!


Uncontainable (Lee McDerment) – This was a new song this week. Once again, I’m digging Lee McDerment right now!

So, what was something out of the norm you did in your service this weekend?


this post is part of the “Sunday Setlist” blog carnival over at Go check it out!


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