Sunday Breakdown 7.26.09 (short, sweet, and long overdue!)

So, I’m finally getting around to doing the Sunday Breakdown, about 4 days late. Sorry. It always feels like it takes forever to get your feet back under you from going on vacation. We were blessed to be able to get some time away last week down in St. Simons. We left out on Thursday morning and got home on Monday afternoon, all in all a GREAT trip!

Even though I had the week off from leading worship, I couldn’t get away from singing in church all together. My good friend, Kim lives in St. Simons and is a part of the worship team for St. Simons Community Church. We lucked up and she was leading worship the Sunday we were going to be there. TO top it off, she asked me if I would play a song with her for their morning set. We played Incorruptible by Watermark for their 2 services. I had an absolute blast and really enjoyed getting to see their setup and getting to meet their staff, GREAT church! [Back story, Kim and I led worship together back in my college days with our band, Jubal’s Child (some of you may actually be lucky enough to still have a copy of our CD!).]

Well, while I was in St. Simons, my boy Josh Morris held down the fort at Life Church. Big props also to Christy, BJ, Trent, and Ben for helping to make it easy for Josh to step in! Since I wasn’t there and I didn’t lead…I don’t have any commentary for the set, I’m sure you’re glad! Here was their set…

Jump (Van Halen) – Ben sang lead on this song, and from what I hear…he hit a home run!

Sing, Sing, Sing (Chris Tomlin) – Josh sang lead on this one.

Sing To The King (Passion) – Christy nailed this one like she does EVERY time.

You Never Let Go (Matt Redman) – Josh led this one.

–Jason’s Message–

God Of This City (Chris Tomlin) – Christy led this one.

With Our Praise (Brandon Divine) – A new song that Josh led.

So there you go…talk to me!


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~ by rhinorun on July 30, 2009.

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