Sunday Breakdown 6.21.09 – Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! What a great day at Life Church! We had a great stage set designed by the Creative Team (be on the lookout for another post with pictures!) that really helped bring home Jason’s message on renewing your mind and blocking out the distractions around you. We had a special Father’s Day give-away putt-off. The winner walked away with a copy of the movie Transformers, a bucket of popcorn, some candy, and a couple of root beers!

As far as the setlist and the service, man God really moved! It is so awesome to see how God continues to work through Life Church. There were some technical issues on Sunday, but God moved in some amazing ways…even further proof that God is so much bigger than sound, lights, microphones, or anything WE can do!

Another fun thing, we got to start the service with a nice country tune. Country music is not my favorite, but this song was too perfect for Father’s Day and in listening to it and practicing it as much as I did, it took root in my heart in a special way in regards to me ad my son, Grayson! Here’s the video of the song if you wanna check it out…

Well, here’s our setlist…

Watching You (Rodney Atkins) – See above!

All Because of Jesus (Fee) – This is another “regular” that we do quite often. Great song!

Overcome (Lee McDerment) – We introduced this song this week. It went over pretty well, considering! If you haven’t yet, you need to download Lee McDerment’s album and listen to it over and over. It’s GREAT!

Glorious One (Fee) – We used this as the lead in to Jason’s message, focusing on God as the “Glorious One” who outshines the sun and everything in our world and lives! Great song leading into a great message!

-Jason’s Message-

Son of God (Starfield) – We ended having to go back through this song a couple of extra times due to the response during our response time. The more we sang the song, the more people engaged and sang along, very cool!

We Have Overcome (Elevation Worship) – Such a fun song to close the service with. Declaring, “We have overcome, hallelujah!!!”

Well, that was our set…what song is really speaking to you right now?


by the way…this post is part of the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival over at


~ by rhinorun on June 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sunday Breakdown 6.21.09 – Father’s Day!”

  1. Some pictures are up at

  2. I need to get my ears checked. That one song sunday sounded kinda country.

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