Sunday Breakdown 6.7.09

What a great week, we started the Transformers series this week with Jason speaking on “When Worlds Collide”.

From a programming standpoint, everything went really well also. I wish we could pull off some more stage design elements, but I’ve come to realize we are tapped out on resources right now, so we are limited to what we can do. The biggest resource that is tapped out is people. I think that’s one of the hardest things of being a plant church, you have a core of people who are depended on to do A LOT of work. You can only stretch people so thin.

Well, here’s the setlist…

Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin) – This song is so fun to lead. It’s got a great intro riff on the acoustic that is fun to do and the energy of the song is just so contagious!

Sing, Sing, Sing (Chris Tomlin) – This is a pretty simple chorus that has a lot of power behind it.

You Are (Todd Fields) – The band changed this one up a little bit during rehearsal on Thursday. We took the chorus and changed it to more of a “swing” type feel instead of a straight driving feel. It turned out really well, we’ve definitely found our new way of doing this song.

Faithful (Steve Fee) – “You were before time/and You’ll be when it ends/You have no beginning and no end”. I love the message of this song. no matter what comes our way, God is faithful, simple enough yet EXTREMELY powerful and life changing if we embrace that truth!

I Stand Amazed (Chris Tomlin) – Another old hymn that’s been updated. A great song that is truly timeless.

We Stand (Lee McDerment) – I’ve been LOVIN’ some Lee McDerment lately. If you haven’t heard him, you need to look him up, the dude flat out rocks! We introduced this song this week and we’re doing it again this coming week. I was pleased with how it well it seemed to go.

That was our set, what was yours?


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~ by rhinorun on June 9, 2009.

One Response to “Sunday Breakdown 6.7.09”

  1. what do you need to pull off more set up? I actually disagree with you on that one. The best set designs i see are portable churches and no one has it harder than them. Let me know what you need me to do. We CAN make it happen.

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