“Why Have You Forsaken Me”

That phrase has always been a very poignant one to me, but recently it took on a whole new level. This post is about a month overdue, but at least it’s coming out. Leading up to Easter, I had been thinking hard about the Life of Christ and especially His time on the cross leading up to His death. I thought a couple of times about the phrase, “Why Have You Forsaken Me”. Matthew 27 details the account of the time leading up to the Death of Christ. In verse 46 it says a darkness came over the land and Jesus said, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me”?

Jesus had never once shied away from his Mission. He was born on this earth for one purpose, to die. He died for one purpose, to redeem our sins. He took it all with such grace with such understanding and with such passion. However, in his last moments, he was overcome with the severity of what was happening and asked HIS FATHER, “why have you forsaken me?”.

I’ve been a father for over 3 years now. However, this story has never connected to me on this level until recently. My daughter, Sarah Beth, was involved in a pretty horrific accident on April 7th. Long story short, she was cut by a piece of broken ceramic which ultimately resulted in over 20 stitches on her sweet little 7 month old cheek. I met Mandy and the kids at the hospital and was literally opening the back door of the ambulance before it came to a complete stop. There sat my sweet little “Sabey” in the back of the ambulance, her face laid open from the cut. She was not crying, she was smiling, as soon as saw me, she smiled even bigger and laughed! She was living her circumstance with grace and joy. We went through the drama with the doctors and the nurses, ultimately getting transferred to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta where a leading pediatric plastic surgeon could sew her up. Mandy and Sarah Beth back in the ambulance, Grayson and I following in our car.

At Scottish Rite, my world was turned upside down and I saw God and the image of Christ in a way I NEVER had before…in the face of my 7 month old daughter. They had to sedate Sarah Beth due to the severity of the cut and the delicateness of the stitching procedure. In order to be sedated, she had to have an IV. In order to have an IV, she had to be held down and poked with a needle. So here I am, holding my child down, while 2 nurses struggle to find a vein to insert the IV. It took them a while, the veins did not want to cooperate. Sarah Beth screamed. And screamed. And screamed. It was at this time, I saw Jesus. Sarah Beth looked into my eyes the whole time as I held her down, screaming, and saying to me with her eyes, “Daddy, why are you letting them do this to me?”, “Daddy, why have you forsaken me”. I looked back into her eyes, crying, trying to tell her with my eyes, this is for your good. God could only tell Jesus with his love, this is for your good, this is for their good.

My heart still breaks every time I see that crying face in my mind. I am sure God’s heart breaks every time he sees the face of His son hanging on the cross. The love of an earthly father is incredible. As a father, I feel in ways I never thought were possible. The love of the heavenly Father is incomprehensible, He loves in ways we will NEVER fully understand.

My little “Sabey” is fine. Her scar looks better and better every day. She’s a trooper. I will never forget the day that she showed me Jesus in a real and tangible way. I will never forget the pain I felt, and I will forget that that pain pails in comparison to the love and pain God feels for us daily!

When was the last time YOU saw Jesus?


~ by rhinorun on May 28, 2009.

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  1. Beautiful post, babe. I am proud of your vulnerability and your way with words. This blog is really growing you, and it is super neat to see.

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