Sunday Breakdown (5.24.09)

What a great Sunday. I love, love, love to see God move! It was so refreshing hearing another heart sold out to the passion and the vision of LIFE Church, noting against Jason, but it is refreshing to hear others and know we’re not alone!

This Sunday, it became official. Mark Floyd will be starting June 1, as our new Executive Pastor. I am so excited about the tools and experience Mark is going to bring to the table. He was the one that spoke this week (above paragraph) and he did great! Make sure and check him out and make him one of your daily reads too, go to or on twitter at

From a musical standpoint, we had a great set. As I said last week, as a band we are clicking really well right now. We had some much needed time of just hanging out last week which I think helped a ton!

Well, here’s the setlist…

Drifter (DecembeRadio) – This song has become quite the “crowd favorite” at Life Church. I think part of the reason is that so many of the people can truly connect with the message of this song. So many people of Life Church have been the “Drifter” and in many ways still are, trying to find a way to get back home!

We Have Overcome (Elevation Worship) – “We’ve got the victory/everything will be alright/it’s alright”. The bridge of this song says it all. We’ve got the victory through the blood of Christ and because of that we can trust that no matter how painful, no matter how hard…it’s alright.

Everything (Chris Tomlin) – In light of Mark’s message on “Remembering Jesus”, this was a great song remembering that everything is from God, every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights, the Father above!

Glorious One (Fee) – To me, such a good transition song moving from a time of musical worship to a time of scriptural/spoken word worship. “Our hands are lifted high/our hearts are bowing in reverence/we’re surrounded by/the glory of Your presence”!!

-Mark’s Message- (I’ll be posting a link to our youtube page soon where the video will be uploaded…still working out some kinks.)

Untitled Hymn (Chris Rice) – This was our first time doing this song. There were a couple of rough spots for me vocally on the key changes, but overall I thought it went well. Not sure we’ll do it much more…it didn’t turn out to be as engaging a song as I would have thought, it’s more of a sit and listen to me kind of song instead of a sing along and contemplate kind of song. Make sense?

Broadcast (Fee) – I love this song…plain and simple. It was kind of weird this week though. The announcements at the end went a little longer, so when we started this song, a lot of people thought it was time to go so they started leaving. I would say probably 2/3 of the people got up and were leaving before the song was over. The good thing is…Grayson has been singing this song non-stop since Sunday, and I LOVE that!

Well, that was our setlist…please, tell me about yours? Leave some comments! Let’s do better with this commenting thing!


By the way, starting this week, I’m participating in the “Sunday Setlists Blog Carnival” hosted by Fred McKinnon over at Check out his Sunday Setlist,

~ by rhinorun on May 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sunday Breakdown (5.24.09)”

  1. Dude, I will be the 1st to comment, Wow- What a great Sunday! I know that God has a plan for Life Church and for Floyd County- 5 at a time. Thanks for serving with your talent bro!

  2. As usual, you guys were awesome! I love checking your setlist — I always add songs to my playlist every week. Keep up the awesome job !! You guys (and girls) are such a blessing! 🙂

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