Sunday Breakdown 5.17.09

First off, let me say, I LOVE being a part of Life Church. I love seeing how God is moving and how I feel he is positioning us for some great things in Rome! Sunday was a great testament of that positioning. Jason and Mark shared a great message on pursuing the “Dangerous Mission” of the Kingdom of God. There was a VERY powerful challenge at the end of the message that really moved throughout everyone there! Every part of the morning just seemed to flow VERY well also! Here’s the set list…

We Won’t Be Quiet (David Crowder) – Lots of time we do this song as a medley with “We Have Overcome”, but Sunday we did this song as a standalone. It is a great song and a great song to start the “Dangerous Mission” theme with.

Salvation’s Chorus (Todd Fields) – Great song, bottom line, great song. Go check it out!

Everlasting God (North Point Version) – Originally written by Brenton Brown, then recorded by Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster and some others, I ultimately like the North Point Version the most. Our version is most closely modeled after the North Point Version. What a great truth to sing, “You are the everlasting God/the everlasting God/You do not faint/You won’t grow weary/You’re the defender of the weak/You comfort those in need/You lift us up on wings like eagles”!

You Never Let Go (Matt Redman) – I think this is probably one of the most popular songs at Life Church, I can see why. Again, an awesome declaration and such an encouragement to sing that the Love of God never let’s us go!


God Of This City (Chris Tomlin version) – This song was placed here as a challenge coming out of the “Dangerous Mission” message. God is in control of Rome and He is going to change this town for His glory

Coming out of this song, Jason wanted me to sing another song…so, what did I do, I improvised. We were playing in C, so I changed over to the key of G, thinking I could just sing “I Have Decided”, well I forgot I usually do that song in the Key of E. G was too high, whoops! I made it through it, but there were parts of it that were tough! Remind me next time, “I Have Decided” is NOT in the Key of G!

Kingdom (Kristian Stanfill) – This song is still fairly new to Life Church, but man is it catching on. It is a favorite of the students, and it helped having them on the front row singing their lungs out!

Well, that was our set list, what was yours?


~ by rhinorun on May 19, 2009.

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