Sunday Breakdown 5.10.09


Of course, Sunday was Mother’s Day and I was extremely blessed to have my mom, my mother-in-law, and my wonderful wife worshiping with me!

In addition to celebrating Mother’s Day, we also had a Baby Dedication (I’ll get to that in just a bit).

Things are going really well at the XL building, there are always kinks to work out, but overall it is really good! Craig Bagwell and Mark Floyd are GREAT hosts and help out a TON.

The service itself went really well also. We’ve had some really good weeks lately and this one didn’t let down either!

Well, here’s the set list…

Somebody’s Hero (Jamie O’Neal) – This was our Mother’s Day tribute song. A big thanks to Carly Duke for suggesting the song and huge props to Christy for knocking it out of the park!

God Is With Us (Michael Olson) – Great song, we started it off a little slow, but it still went well.

Not To Us/Here Is Our King (North Point Version) – I overcompensated from “God Is With Us” and started this song a bit too fast! I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at myself during the intro of the song!

Lead Me To The Cross (Hillsong) – Another GREAT song. I love that this song is the same, but yet has such different flavors depending on whether Christy or Amy is leading it! One of the many reasons I love music! You can play the same notes, sing the same melody, but have a totally different feel! So amazing!

-Jason’s Message-

Jesus Paid It All (Kristian Stanfill) – I’ve said it a hundred times before…I love doing the old hymns and always will!

—we went into the Baby Dedication at this point—

We did a special song for the dedication (I will admit, I stole the idea from North Point). After “Jesus Paid It All” I handed my acoustic to BJ, Trent came out from the drums and picked up BJ’s electric and I sat down on a stool to sing Better Together by Jack Johnson. It was a great illustration for the Baby Dedication! Raising and nurturing children is always so much better when it is done together…with our spouses, with our families, with our churches…you get the point!

After the dedication, we did the closing song…

All Because Of Jesus (Steve Fee)

So, that was our setlist, what was yours? What was your favorite part of ours?


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