Sunday Breakdown 5.3.09

Sunday was our first week at the XL building. For the most part, everything went very well. From a programming standpoint, it went pretty flawless. musically we had a couple of small hiccups. The XL building is tough when it comes to acoustics. Stage volume is a big factor in trying to mix the settings and we found ourselves battling it all morning.

Jason continued our series on being a “Dangerous Church” by talking about “Dangerous Service”. Everyone seems to be really enjoying this series and the messages are hitting home for our church and where God has us right now, both spiritually AND physically!

Well, here’s the setlist…

Revolutionary Love (David Crowder) – Great song, I really missed having Matt with us on this one. When we have both electric guitars we get to do our “Epic” intro. It’s still a fun song to do, but the “Epic” intro just puts it over the top!

All Around The World (Elevation Worship) – I love this song, but it is strange. Sometimes I feel like it goes over really well, while other times I feel like it’s flat. For the most part, I thought it went well, a couple of times it started to kind of fall flat, but I feel like we carried it.

Burn For You (Fee) – We had only done this song once before and it had been a LONG time ago. It was a perfect fit for the message and I thought it went over VERY well. “I’ll go anywhere/I’ll do anything/at any cost/for you, my King”!!

Your Love (Chrystina L. Fincher) – This is one of those songs that is so simple from a musical standpoint, but is very intense with its melody and weight! Amy always knocks this one out of the park and this week was no different!

-Jason’s Message-

Stronger (Hillsong) – To be honest, we almost canned this song right before the service started. During run through, I was struggling with the timing and time signature. When we actually led the song, I feel like it went better than I thought it would.

Alive and Running (Kristian Stanfill) – Kristian Stanfill is becoming one of my new favorites. His stuff has a smoothness to it while maintaining that rocking, jamming mindset. We started playing this song, and I realized my guitar had come unplugged. So, I bent down and plugged my guitar in, stood up and started playing…then realized that the pedal had gotten swapped. Instead of coming through with the effects, I was playing on the clean channel. A quick stomp, and I was FINALLY playing the way I was supposed to be, arghhh!

That was our setlist, what was yours? Leave a comment and let me know.


~ by rhinorun on May 6, 2009.

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