Sunday Breakdown 4.19.09 (Finally Caught Up!!!)

Alright, so now I am finally caught up. Now I can elaborate a little bit more about the details!

After having 2 “off” weeks, this week went VERY well. Musically, it was the best it had been in a LONG time. From a production standpoint, everything was very smooth and went off without a hitch.

The Creative Team did a GREAT job with the set design. This was the easiest set we have done, but to me, it had the greatest impact!

Well, here’s the set…

Become Who You Are (Mainstay) – I LOVE this song, such powerful truth in the lyrics! It had been a while since we last played this song, so it was nice to play it again.

One Way (Hillsong) – Coming out of the “The One” video, this was the perfect song, declaring Christ as the only one, and the only way!

Sing, Sing, Sing (Chris Tomlin) – Just an all around great song. I love the way we have truly embraced this song and how everyone gets into it!

Let Me Sing (Todd Fields) – We used this song to lead up to Jason speaking about “Dangerous Humility” through the example of Jesus.”Let me sing/louder than creation to You/for the pain You bore in Your body/to bring my soul to You”!!!

-Jason’s Message-

I Stand Amazed (Passion) – I’ve said it before, but I LOVE singing the old hymns, especially when they’re spruced up a little bit : )

We Shine (Fee) – This is Trent’s favorite song and he has been wanting us to do it again for a while now and it finally fit perfect for the message! GREAT song, if you haven’t heard it, stop reading and go listen to it now.

No, really, go listen to it NOW!! I promise you’ll like it!

Did you like it?


~ by rhinorun on April 21, 2009.

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