Toys ‘R’ Us, Sweet Talking, and Persistance

My son, Grayson, is CRAZY about guitars. He sees Daddy playing every week on stage and so he wants to be a rock star and play guitar too. We bought him a small acoustic guitar for Christmas and he loves it. He wears it around the house and sings all the songs we sing on Sunday mornings. He loves “leading worship”.

Well, a month or so ago, he realized he needed an electric guitar to go along with his acoustic guitar (strangely enough, I came to the same conclusion about me around the same time). He always asks when he is going to get his electric guitar.

2 weeks ago, we went to Toys ‘R’ Us and let Grayson use a gift card we had to get an electric guitar! To say he was excited would totally be an understatement. Well, in our excitement…Daddy didn’t read the box too well. I didn’t realize until we got home and opened it up that it had no external speaker. It has a headphone jack and a jack to plug your iPod in, but that’s it. So, it wouldn’t work for our Gray-man.

Luckily enough, I saved the receipt just in case. Unluckily enough, I lost the receipt…after Mandy told me to make sure and keep up with it.

Even more unlucky…Toys ‘R’ Us has a “no receipt, no return” policy.

So, what did I do?

I called Toys ‘R’ Us and started sweet talking them. They said, “no receipt, no return”. I said, “there has to be a way”. They said, “no receipt, no return”. I said “surely there’s something you can do”. They said, “Let me see if I can pull up the receipt in our computer”.

Ah ha!

I was persistent, without being a jerk. They were over the top concerned with me as a customer. Everybody ended up happy.

The manager was great to work with and now we’ll take the guitar back (without a receipt) and get Grayson one that will work for him.

As I was hanging up the phone with Scott from Toys ‘R’ Us, I realized the parallels to church (and business in general). We’re quick to correct things when we mess up. We’re quick to bend over backwards when we’re at fault. However, when the other party is at fault, it’s very easy to “stand our ground” and let them suffer. Rules are rules, but when it comes to maintaining relationships and seeing the big picture we have to be able to discern the gray area and recognize where we can bend, without compromise, in order to advance towards our end goal!

Where do you stand on the rules?



~ by rhinorun on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “Toys ‘R’ Us, Sweet Talking, and Persistance”

  1. Rules have never been for you. Sometimes that’s a good thing because they make us question why there is such a rule. Because its always been that way? Fewer rules more personal responsibility would be nice.

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