Sunday Breakdown 3.15.09

Week # 3 of “The Wedding”. This week was “Here Comes The Bride”. We had some very neat elements planned, but they all didn’t go as well as I wished they would have.

It all started as soon as I walked in the door of the theater at 6:00. I unlocked the front door, walked down the hallway, and into the theater our gathering is held in. Boom, standing water a the bottom of the theater, right where our stage and sound system goes. So, immediately we began mopping and squeegeeing (that word is so weird). At first, as soon as we would get the water up, it would pour back in. Turns out there is a downspout missing on the gutter system, which in turn causes the rain to pour straight down the wall, which in turn allows the water to seep through the wall and up through the floor! So, we mopped and mopped and mopped, then went and bought towels to stuff against the wall to absorb the water. When all was said and done, it was nearly 7:00 before we ever unloaded the first thing from the trailer (normally we already have the stage and sound system set up by 7:00)!

Somehow, even being behind the gun, we were still able to get everything set up quickly and were able to get our sound check finished by about 9:30. Then the issues began…

We had a special video planned, celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Haden had been working on it for a couple of weeks and it kept giving him fits. The video was good…the sound was a nightmare.

Trip’s computer (the one we use to display the lyrics and all of our slides) had gotten completely re-formatted this past week.  We got everything we needed re-installed…so we thought. None of the backgrounds would work for our songs, so everything…songs, sermon notes, everything….was white text on a plain black background. Not at all what I would want!

So…anyway, a lot of elements didn’t go like I would have wanted them to…however, everyone seemed to really engage both with the music and the message. So, here’s the setlist…

Salvation is Here (Hillsong/Fee Version) – Always enjoy doing this song. I think I’ve written this before…this is an older song, but it still has legs with our church and with our people.

Sing, Sing, Sing (Chris Tomlin) – This song is still fairly new to Life Church. I love doing this song, and everyone really seems to be embracing it! It was fun adding in the hard break (going acapella and then hitting back hard with the instruments)!

Sing To The King (Passion) – Christy always does a great job leading this song and I think this was probably the most the church has ever engaged with this song! Everyone REALLY loved and got into this song. It’s always awesome to hear people cheer when we sing the line “Satan is vanquished/and Jesus is King”!

Glorious One (Fee) – I know I say it a lot (with a lot of different songs), but I think this song is probably in my top 5! Such a GREAT song and an awesome declaration, especially singing as the bride of Christ!

-Jason’s Message-

I Stand Amazed (Chris Tomlin version) – Once again, an old hymn revamped. I love doing the old hymns, and the church really seems to enjoy them, as long as they’re “a little different”.

We Have Overcome (Elevation Worship) – As the bride of Christ, God has given us freedom! We have overcome the struggles of this life and are on our way to the home Christ has prepared for us! “We’ve got the victory/Everything will be/Alright, it’s alright”!!!

A little nugget…this setlist is the same setlist we did the very first Sunday Life Church met (except we added “Sing, Sing, Sing” and “We Have Overcome”).

So…tell me about your Sunday?



~ by rhinorun on March 17, 2009.

One Response to “Sunday Breakdown 3.15.09”

  1. God truly is SO good and He showed Himself again Sunday. With everything satan tried to prevent from happening God took over. Sometimes it is in the “11th” hour and we cannot see any way around the problem, it is then God takes us through it all and makes Himself look good and then only He can receive the praise because it truly was Him and not man’s doing. I appreciate you and your ministry so very much and thank God for you. Keep up the good work! Have a blessed day, Linda

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