Sunday Breakdown 3.8.09

Finally…up to date…

This week was week #2 of our “Wedding” Series. Jason taught on inviting and emphasized the importance of your “one”. The one person that’s on your heart to invite to church. Not for the sake of church, but for the sake of Christ and life change!

Overall we had an ok week musically. It wasn’t our best, it wasn’t our worst. It was ok. It’s hard for me because I want every week to be the best!

Shine (Collective Soul) – It’s fun pulling this song out every now and then when we can apply it!

Salvation’s Chorus (North Point) – We did a last minute change and added this song instead of a Kristian Stanfill song we were going to do. This is always a fun song to do!

Everlasting God (Brenton Brown/North Point version) – I love this song, but it was just “there” this week. I can’t pinpoint it, but it just wasn’t 100%. Not to mention I forgot some of the lyrics.

Your Love (Chrystina L. Fincher) – Amy led this song and did GREAT. it’s funny this song rocks back and forth on 2 chords almost the whole time but it is so powerful!

-Jason’s Message-

God Of This City (Chris Tomlin version) – After talking about inviting and the “one”, this was a great song to sing over Rome and Floyd County. There is such an application for the words of this song and it really has taken on a life of itself in our church!

Broadcast (Fee) – We introduced this song this week and it went over pretty well! It turned out to be a great song for the message. We’re talking about inviting and we send people out saying “We’re gonna broadcast all over the world, that You are God and You are good!”

That was our setlist this week…what was yours?



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