Sunday Breakdown 3.1.09

Getting closer to getting caught up…here’s the setlist from March 1st!

We Won’t Be Quiet (David Crowder) – Such a fun song…we sandwiched this song at the begninning and end of the gathering and had a blast with it!

Salvation is Here (Hillsong) – We’ve been doing this one since we started almost a year ago. This song has got some legs…it stays fresh and relevent!

God Is With Us (Michael Olson) – I love the “drive” this song has…everybody always really seems to engage with this song!

Son Of God (Starfield) – We talked about “Falling in Love” and this was the perfect song to transition into this time.

Love Is (Lee McDerment) – This was a special twist we did for this message. The band left the stage except for BJ and I. I gave him my acoustic guitar and I sat down with just the mic in hand. We played this song while a video played showing some random clips from romantic movies and still pictures of couples from our church on their wedding days. Here’s the video we did, go check it out

-Jason and Amy team-taught this week-

The Heart of Worship (Matt Redman) – This is an “oldie but a goodie”. I haven’t led this song in forever, but it was nice singing it again. Again, it was a perfect tie-in to the message about “Falling in Love” (worship).

We Won’t Be Quiet (See Above)

There you go!



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