Sunday Breakdown 2.8.09

This is me, trying to get back on track…

Dear blog, I promise not to leave you alone for 2 weeks anymore…

As far as Sunday goes…we had a great week. We started our new series, Questions with Jason speaking about “Where Are You”. Very powerful message. We had a great day musically. For once, there were no power issues, no sound demons, no big setbacks of any kind. I really enjoyed the set list this week! Here it is…

We Won’t Be Quiet (David Crowder) – I love this simple chorus as a way to either start or end the service, what a great declaration!!

Salvation’s Chorus (Todd Fields) – For some reason, North Point doesn’t have this album on iTunes yet so sorry there is no link for it. It’s a great song and super fun to lead. I guess if you want to hear it, you’ll just have to come and worship with us one Sunday morning!

Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down) (Robbie Seay Band) – We introduced this song this week. I’ve been digging this tune for several weeks now and am glad we finally got a chance to do it. I thought it was very well received for the first time ever doing it. If you haven’t heard this song, you need to go download it right now!

Son of God (Starfield) – This has become a definite staple in our repertoire. It’s a great song that is very well received by the church. It really seems to connect to everybody!

-Jason’s Message-

Grace Flows Down (Dave Bell, Louie Giglio) – We chose this song due to the perfect tie-in to the message and the closing statements Jason made. What we cover up, God uncovers…what we uncover, God covers with his love! “His grace flows down and covers me”! Once again, Amy hit a homerun on this song!

One Way (Hillsong) – A great song to end the service with. This is such a fun song with some fun rhythms and melodies!

That was our set list…what was yours?



~ by rhinorun on February 11, 2009.

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