Sunday Breakdown (a week late) 1.18.09

Sorry for the absence in blogging for the past week. I’m back…here’s the set list for January 18th.

Beautiful Day (U2) – I love this song, but man Bono has got some range on his voice. It was a stretch for me, but I think I handled it well!

We Won’t Be Quiet (David Crowder Band)/We Have Overcome (Elevation Worship) Medley – We used this as the push to get into our corporate worship time. It was great to start off by singing “We’ll shout it out loud from the rooftops, we won’t be quiet”, I love that tune! We then did the medley into the tag(Whoa-oh-oh, Whoa-oh-oh) from “We Have Overcome”. Very fun!

All Around The World (Elevation Worship) – This was a new song this week. I really dig this song and thought it went very well!

Faithful (Steve Fee) – Great transition song going into the message “How To Show God You Love Him”

-Jason’s Message-

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)/(Chris Tomlin) – one of my all-time favorite songs! I add my twist to it, of course, in the chorus!


We Won’t Be Quiet (See Above) – We chose to end the gathering with this song as well. Not much better than to have this song stuck in people’s head as they leave. “We won’t be quiet!!!”

So, there you go!



~ by rhinorun on January 26, 2009.

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