Old School vs. New School

Sometimes it’s the little things that stick out to us and help us catch a glimpse of where we are and who we’ve become.

ESPN put together another one of their masterpieces, “The Greatest Game Ever Played” and aired it last night on ESPN2 last night. It amazes me the bang up job they do on these types of projects. “The Greatest Game Ever Played” basically chronicles the 1958 NFL Championship Game (It wasn’t know as the Super Bowl until 1967) between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Football Giants. ESPN took all of the old film footage from the game and re-engineered in color and for the presentation of the film they took original members of the 1958 teams and paired them with current Colts and Giants players and coaches to provide commentary. This was definitely the most intriguing part for me. You had Michael Strahan, Tony Dungee, Adam Viniaterie and many others sitting next to Frank Gifford and lots of other Old Timers. It was really insightful to see the contrast between the generations of football players.

I believe it was Michael Strahan who asked one of the Old Timers, (all of this is paraphrased of course) “Did the goal posts not get in your way being positioned at the front of the end zone? I think that would be so annoying.” What was the response, “Get in our way? No, we used those things like a 12th player on the field. We’d use them to cut off our defenders. We’d run our defenders right into them.”

I laughed at the time, but for whatever reason I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. It really hit me, that’s a HUGE difference in the New School mindset and the Old School mindset. The Old School mindset took a glaring interference, something that was blatantly in the way, and used it for their advantage. The New School mindset thought, “man, that is annoying, that’s in the way.”

Now am I saying that there is a right mindset? That New School is better than Old School or that Old School is better than New School? Not at all, what hit me the most is just remembering the mindset. It’s that mindset that sets apart the forward thinkers from stagnant sitters.

What’s your goal post? Does it get on your nerves? Do you wish it were in the back of the end zone instead of the front? Or do you take your goal post and find out how to use it for your advantage?

Believe me, I am saying this to me just as much to me as anybody else!

What’s your goalpost? I’m thinking about what mine are (yes, I’m thinking plural).



~ by rhinorun on January 6, 2009.

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