Sunday Breakdown (on Tuesday) 11.23.08

You ever have one of those days where you always seem to just be a step behind on everything. Everything you do is just a bit off-center, just a bit off-balance. Well, that was Sunday for me. From the time I woke up I was just “off”. I was a couple of minutes late getting to the theater. I was kind of in a fog through set-up and rehearsal. I had the lyrics right in front of me during worship and I kept flubbing words. Just an off morning for me. In spite of that, God is still mighty and proved HIS power and not ours. Worship went well. We introduced a new song this week that went very well. It would have gone even better, but for some reason right before we started the service, ProPresenter decided to crap out on us and refuse to run that one song. So instead of people being able to read the words for the new song, they just had to listen. Anyway, here’s the set list (with limited commentary).

Revolutionary Love (David Crowder) – This has a become a favorite for the band because of our “Rock Opera” intro we’ve come up with. I must admit, our version of this song makes me happy!

Happy Day (Tim Hughes) – Tied in well with the message, “Jesus, The Victor”.

Salvation’s Chorus (Todd Fields) – We did it a little slower than normal, I think I like it faster…

We Are Alive (Elevation Worship, Wade Joy) – This was the new one we introduced. I like this song A LOT. It’s got a cool intro lick and is a great medium tempo anthem. It is off of the Elevation Worship Album, which is great. You should go here and check it out, Elevation Worship.

-Jason’s Message-

Free (Todd Fields) – This was the response song, declaring we are free because of the victory of Jesus over sin in our lives!

Revolutionary Love (see above)

What was your favorite song from the weekend?



~ by rhinorun on November 25, 2008.

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