Sunday Breakdown (on Tuesday) 11.9.08

It seems we’re getting the sound issues resolved, but of course if it’s not one thing it’s another. Sunday we had some Video issues (see my previous post). It’s interesting, I have been the most frustrated I’ve ever been the past several weeks over small things that have happened that are keeping us from what I consider to be excellence but at the same time I am more anxious and excited about what’s to come than I have ever been. Buckle up. I feel like we’ve been slowly inching up the huge hill of a roller coaster and we’re about to pour over the top and be slammed back against our seats as we go through all kinds of twists, turns, loops, and craziness. You ready? I am!

Anyway, here’s the set list from Sunday…

Intro – My Hero (Foo Fighters) – The band played an instrumental version of this while people were coming in. I must say, they stinkin’ rocked out on it!

Happy Day (Tim Hughes) – It’s neat to see how songs become staples for our church. This one is definitely one that “just clicks”.

Not To Us/Here Is Our King (North Point Version) – A nice medley of 2 GREAT songs. I love doing this song towards the beginning of a set, there’s something about starting with the fact that it’s not about us!

Son of God (Starfield) – Don’t know what else to say except this is a great song. I love it.

You Never Let Go (Matt Redman) – I have to sing this song to Grayson at bedtime every night. Because of that, it is one of my favorite songs. It doesn’t hurt that it is just laced with such biblical truth and encouragement!

-Jason’s Message-

How He Loves (John Mark McMillan) – This was the first time we’ve done this song. I knew this song would go over well just because of the power of the song, but it truly exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to do it again. Next time, it may have something special to go along with it (wink wink, stay tuned).

Awesome Is The Lord Most High (Chris Tomlin) – This song is a bit older, but I like pulling it out every now and then. It’s such a fun song to end with. Great words to have stuck in our heads as we leave, “How Awesome is the Lord most high!”

Alright, I messed up last week, someone had commented when I said they hadn’t (sorry Tonya). But please comment and let me know what your favorite song you sang on Sunday was. I think this could be a fun little thread to get going.

What was it?



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