Sunday Breakdown (finally!) 11.2.08

I am finally getting this up here. I had wanted to do it Tuesday night, but I was too tired. I tried to do it last night, but I had a migraine. Now I am finally doing it, I apologize for the tardiness!

Sunday was a great day. The sound issues we have been having were a million times better! We’ve still got some more things to figure out, but it is definitely better. I’m really excited about this weekend. We got some new sound equipment in so that now everyone will be able to have their own monitor mix. You may not know what this means, but I assure you, it is GOOD (thanks to Jeff for getting it ordered for us!).

Personally, I think the band was the tightest we’ve been in a while. We’re all really learning each other and starting to click as an individual unit instead of individual pieces. As a musician, especially as a leader, it’s exciting to see this start to happen!

Anyway, here’s the set list…

Revolutionary Love (David Crowder) – We worked on this song and added a different intro, it has a nice “rock opera” feel to it, props to BJ and Abel for coming up with it! This song stinkin’ rocked, bottom line!

All Because of Jesus (Steve Fee) – We went straight into this out of Revolutionary Love by way of Trent’s count-off (I’m excited our transitions are getting tighter!) This has become a Life Church standard and I love it.

Faithful (Alex NiFong/Fee Version) – “Faithful/You are ever faithful/You are ever faithful to us God”, with words like that, there’s not much else I can say, right?

Sing To The King (Billy Foote/Passion Version) – Christy nailed this song, by far the best she’s ever done it and she always does it great. She did a FANTASTIC job! Make sure and tell her how awesome she did!

-Jason’s Message-

God Of This City (Chris Tomlin Version) – coming out of Jason’s message, this song was the perfect fit. As I pray for the mission and vision of Life Church, this song stays in the front of my head as an anthem for us. “You’re the god of this city/You’re the King of these people/You’re the Lord of this nation/You are”.

Revolutionary Love (See Above) – See above, STINKIN’ AWESOME!

Nobody commented last week, so this week somebody better!

What was your favorite song you sang in worship this past Sunday?



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