It’s All About Me

I’ve been in somewhat of a funk lately and have had a rant storing up for a while. So, here it goes…

There are two parts to this rant, hang with me…I think you’ll find it interesting.

1) “It’s all about me” –  We’ve become, for the most part, a society that defaults to “what’s in it for me”. This irritates me the most in the church. I’m not being fed, I need more depth, We need this kind of ministry, blah blah blah. You know what, it’s not about you. I don’t care! We (not just Life Church, but THE church in general) don’t do church for the churched. We do church to reach the lost. In Rome/Floyd County alone there are approximately 70,000 people every week who aren’t in church. You want church to be about you? When there are 0 people every week who aren’t in church, then maybe we’ll start catering more to you. Enough about that.

2)”I want it now” – We’ve become such a microwave society. If we don’t have our hot pocket in 30 seconds then we’re ready to pop a gasket! We’ve got drive-thru food, drive-thru oil changes, drive-thru weddings, heck we’ve even got drive-thru churches! We’ve become so accustomed to getting whatever we want, whenever we want it. Not only are we used to getting whatever we want whenever we want it, we’ve convinced ourselves it’s a right we have. We’ve taken the sense of entitlement and perverted it into our own stupid paradigms of convenience and selfishness. I saw this clip on another blog that I read pretty much daily and knew I had to show it here with this post. Sit back and enjoy, then let me know what you think.

So there you have it, I guess this is my first Blog Rant. I’m sure it won’t be the last!

Am I wrong on this?



~ by rhinorun on October 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s All About Me”

  1. I agree church is for the lost but its also for the saved. Other wise why would Christians attend? For the Christian it’s for renewing our faith, receiving food for our spiritual growth, Christian fellowship, as well as having Biblical truths revealed to us through a pastor’s message from the Word of God. All people, Christians and non-Christians become complacent in our everyday lives. We get busy and forgot about our purpose of sharing Christ with others. Thus Christians need the Sunday morning service as much as the lost. We must be reminded, through teaching and preaching of the Word, of our purpose, of God’s love for us, of what’s important in our lives. For some of us it takes a deeper message than for others. So a mixture of messages are necessary to reach ALL of the congregation….ALL of God’s people, the lost and the saved. WE must never become so confident that we no longer need to be fed and guided by the Word. And we Christians expect to find this food and guidance at our local church. What was the purpose of Paul’s letters to the people at Corinth? That’s part of the purpose of the modern day church. Feed the hungry, yet search for the lost. I love you and I’m proud of your passion for reaching the lost.

  2. It’s funny that I read this blog today. I don’t believe there are any “mistakes” or “coincidences” in God’s Master Plan. There was no reason for me to visit this blog today – have never been here before – except that God knew exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. I thank Him (and you) for reminding me that it’s NOT all about me. How easy it is to forget that. Thy will, not my will. My prayer for Life Church and it’s leaders is that we will remove ourselves from God’s way and let Him work through us to achieve His goals.

    I agree with the post ahead of mine – that church should also be for the saved, not only for the lost. Of course, we are trying to reach the lost, to share with them the wonderful blessing that comes only from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is truly the heart of Life Church. Let us not think for one second, though, that we are “too” churched to need church any longer. No matter where we are in our walk with God, there is always room for growth. And, the closer we get to God, the harder the enemy will try to win our souls, the more he will attack us, and the greater will be his excitement if we falter.

    Thanks for all you do, Josh – on Sundays and behind the scenes – to make this work. A huge thanks to Mandy as well, as she never ceases to amaze and astound me with her beauty – both inside and out.

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