Why do I want to start every blog post with “so”?

Every time I start to write a new blog post I have to make a conscious effort to not start it with the word “so”. I feel like a middle school girl, “so the other day…”, “so you’ll never believe”, “so, so so”. Arrggghhh I hate it, but it’s something that plagues me! Why is it we are so programmed for such idiosyncrasies?

What’s a constant battle you have to fight like this?


by the way, how’s this for funny. I ran a spell check on this post and the word blog came up as being spelled wrong. On wordpress, a blogging website, the word blog is not recognized as a correct word. That cracks me up.


~ by rhinorun on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “Why do I want to start every blog post with “so”?”

  1. I almost became an English teacher – not sure if I ever told you that or not, but it’s true. I love the English language; I love spelling; I love grammar. It is my humble opinion that spell-check is rotting our brains by the masses. But, enough of my soap box. I, too, think it is HILARIOUS that a blogging website doesn’t recognize the word “blog” in it’s dictionary. That’s just great. Thanks for the laugh!

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