What am I listening to right now?

As I was writing my “Sunday Breakdown” post I realized I always say I have favorite songs. So, I thought, why not do a post devoted to what I am really digging right now. So, I’m gonna give some lists…bear with me.

My Top 5 Worship Songs (as of today):

  1. Lift High – Eddie Kirkland
  2. God Is With Us – Michael Olson
  3. You Never Let Go – Matt Redman
  4. The Glory Of It All – David Crowder Band
  5. We Shine  – Fee (partly because Grayson loves it so much and I love hearing him sing it!)

Songs I’ve had playing repeatedly on the iPod lately:

  1. Love Lockdown – Kanye West
  2. Gotta Be Somebody – Nickelback (yes, I’m admitting to semi-liking Nickelback)
  3. Become Who You Are – Mainstay
  4. Live LIke You Were Dying – Tim McGraw
  5. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  6. Wheel In The Sky – Journey
  7. Drifter – DecembeRadio
  8. What I Want – Daughtry (featuring Slash)
  9. Viva la Vida – Coldplay
  10. All That Matters – Addison Road

So that gives you a little glimpse into the musical realm of my head and what I am listening to.

What song are you hitting repeat on right now?



~ by rhinorun on October 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “What am I listening to right now?”

  1. I’m in a very heavy phase right now.
    “I Am Terrified”
    “Since October”
    “Demon Hunter”

    If I’m in a Praise & Worship Mood –
    “Ever Stays Red”
    “The Glorious Unseen”

  2. Amos Lee’s songs have been on repeat for a while now. Jason Mraz is always on my playlist. An old friend of mine is in Addison Road, glad to hear you like them! 🙂

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