Sunday Breakdown (on Tuesday) 10.19.08

This week was week #2 in our Paid In Full series. Jason continued speaking on the gift of grace that God has given us. Musically, it was a fun week. We did some songs that we love playing, and added some new songs in as well. The power issues seem to be better, but we’ll see as the next couple of weeks happen.

Here’s the set list…

Drifter(DecembeRadio) – This seems to be a favorite, not only throughout the band, but throughout the church. The guys love playing this song because of all the lead licks and solos and the song itself really connects with the people in their own struggles.

Revolutionary Love(David Crowder Band) – This was the first time we had done this song. It went over pretty well, considering. It’s always interesting when you introduce a song.

God Is With Us (Michael Olson) – This is probably in my top 5 worship songs right now, enough said.

God Of This City(Chris Tomlin version) – Yeah, I botched the beginning of this song. As I was praying and doing the vocal transition into this song I started playing in the key of G. The song is in the key of C. I started singing in the key of G, the song is in the key of C. I had to completely stop the song, apologize, pray, and start over. Embarrassing, yes. Humbling, yes. Powerful, yes. I love hearing our people claim this song as an anthem over Rome!

-Jason’s Message-

Lift High (Eddie Kirkland) – This was the first time for this song as well. This is probably in my top 3 songs right now, I absolutely love it. It was very neat seeing the people really embrace and claim this song. It was the first time we had ever sung however people responded to this song more than any other in the set.

We Shine(Steve Fee) – Grayson’s favorite song. “Cause we’re the people of God, yeah the people of God”! We ended the gathering with this song. High energy, high octane, really wanting people to leave pumped up about shining their light into this city!

So that was our Sunday.

What was your favorite song from your church this Sunday?



~ by rhinorun on October 21, 2008.

One Response to “Sunday Breakdown (on Tuesday) 10.19.08”

  1. Drifter and God is With Us are two of my favorites!

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