I’ve always been a huge fan of “family”. Growing up, I loved spending time with my family. Now that I have 2 children of my own, I think I love it even more (which I didn’t think was possible). Well, today Grayson and I had a great opportunity to have “family time”. Mandy was getting together with some old college friends down in Peachtree City. Sarah Beth went with Mandy, so that left Grayson and me to have a “guys day”. We ended up driving up to the Rocky Mountain Project and spending the better part of the day fishing with my dad, Papa. Grayson adores his Papa, especially when he gets to help him drive one of his boats! We got to the lake around 10:00 and fished until about 2:30. We didn’t catch any fish, as a matter of fact we never even got the first bite. The funny thing is, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Just watching Grayson with his Papa melts my heart. Family is so important to me and to see Grayson find so much joy in family is so awesome to me. 

So there we were, 3 generations of Perry’s enjoying a day of fishing, more importantly creating memories that I pray will last a lifetime for all 3 of us.

How do you spend time with your “generations”?



~ by rhinorun on October 18, 2008.

One Response to “Generations”

  1. The day spent with your dad and Grayson will be more precious than gold as years pass by. Continue making wonderful memories with your family……

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