Sunday Breakdown (on Monday, I’m getting better)

Can you believe it, I am actually posting this on Monday, one day after Sunday!

We had a great service this week. We had several people make decisions for Christ yesterday. No matter what we go through, even getting there every Sunday morning at 6 a.m., it’s all worth it when souls are added to the Kingdom of God!

The set this week was again pretty familiar songs. Here you go…

All Because of Jesus (Steve Fee) – This song is so much fun. It was refreshing to sing this song to start the gathering with. I had a headache most of the morning and wanted to be in bed, but singing this song helped me remember why we were doing what we’re doing…It’s all because of Jesus

One Way (Hillsong) – We introduced this song 2 weeks ago. I try to repeat a new song within 2 weeks of the introduction just to help people learn and add the song into the repetoire.

Your Love (Chrystina L. Fincher) – Amy led this song, and did GREAT! It’s a great song to declare the power of the love of God!

Faithful (Alex Nifong) – This was a great song to lead into Jason’s message. Jason spoke on “Choose Your Side” and to be reassured that God is faithful in our choice is a powerful thing!

-Jason’s message

I Have Decided (Life Church Arrangement) – This was fun. We took the old standard hymn and made it ours. We gave it a blues type feel and then added a chorus. We all worked on it at rehearsal this week. Here’s the chorus God gave us, “You took my sin to calvary/By Your stripes You set me free/Through Your love You gave me life/So I will follow, yes I will follow You”. If you weren’t there, you missed it!

You Are (Todd Fields) – “Every knee will bow to bless Your name…”. Great song and a great way to end the service!

What’s your favorite worship song right now?



~ by rhinorun on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sunday Breakdown (on Monday, I’m getting better)”

  1. My favorite worship song lately has been “The God of this City”. I bet you could sing that one well! Daniel put it as my ring tone a few months ago…and i think i have worn it out now!

  2. “God of This City” is definitely an awesome song, as a matter of fact, we’re doing it this Sunday morning!

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