Sunday Breakdown 9.21.08 (on tuesday)

Alright, so I am one day better getting the Sunday breakdown posted. Slowly I will get to actually posting it on Sunday.

This Sunday was great. Again, the sound issues were a lot better. We still have some learning curves to overcome, but that just takes time. We brought back the Keys this week and Abel rocked it out. Having the piano on several songs really added a lot!


Here’s the setlist…(Notice, the song titles are linked to iTunes in case you want to check them out)

Happy Day (Fee version) – This song always seems to go over well, not to mention it’s a fun song to play and a great song to celebrate with!

Salvation is Here (North Point Version) – The reason we’re alive, the reason we sing, the reason for anything is that God is alive and HIS salvation is here and with us!

God is With Us (Michael Olson) – This song is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite songs to lead. To me, it has a different feel to it than some of the other songs we do, but in a good way.

You Never Let Go(Matt Redman) – What a great declaration and affirmation! This song has really become a favorite for all of Life Church!

Let Me Sing (Todd Fields) – I know you get tired of me saying every song is my favorite, but man, these are all great tunes! I absolutely love this song too!

–Jason’s Message–

Take My Life(Chris Tomlin) – This one’s been around for several years, but it is still VERY powerful. It was a great tie-in with Jason talking about the disciples and their decision to follow after Jesus.

Give You Glory (Jeremy Camp) – A nice song to end the service with. I don’t know about you, but it was in my head the rest of the afternoon.

Were any of these stuck in your head the rest of the day?



~ by rhinorun on September 23, 2008.

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