Sunday Breakdown 9.14.08 (on wednesday)

I hate that it is Wednesday and I am just now doing this. I want to try and get better about posting these either on Sunday nights or Monday mornings. But anyway, here’s the breakdown from this week.
The sound issues are about 1,004,325 times better! A HUGE thanks to Jeff for coming and helping us get a good sound check and also helping us get some of our volume issues taken care of. The sound in the theater was GREAT this week. If anybody ever needs a sound man let me know, I’ll hook you up with Jeff.

Here’s the set list…

Drifter (DecembeRadio) – I absolutely LOVE this song, and it’s such a fun song to do. BJ and Abel love doing this one because of the solos they get to trade out.

Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin) – A great song to open the service with. Also, one of Mandy’s favorite songs!

One Way (Hillsong) – This was the first time we had done this song and it went very well. Everybody really seemed to enjoy it and get into it.

Your Love Oh Lord (Third Day) – This is an OLD song, but one of my all-time favorites. Very powerful going into Jason’s message.

–Jason’s Message–

Free (Todd Fields) – Wow, the church REALLY responded to this song. After talking about Jesus and the Adulterous woman, we cried out “there is no condemnation, those who are in Christ, we are free”. The power of the spirit through this song was AMAZING.

Marvelous Light (Charlie Hall) – This was our closing “anthem” song. Again, a perfect tie-in with the message and what a great song for people to have in their head as they leave, “into marvelous light I’m running/out of darkness out of shame/by the cross, you are the truth, you are the life, you are the way”.



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