Dangerous Prayers

Prayers can be dangerous. Most of the time our prayers are safe and comfortable. “Lord, I pray for a good night’s rest” or “Father, please bless this meal”. But what about praying dangerous prayers? This has really hit me the past couple of days. I’ve really begun praying for God to help me be more disciplined and deliberate with my time. I am soo busy all the time, lots of times I don’t feel like I do anything well. My biggest challenge…TIME. So I’ve been praying for God to literally give me more time in the day.

I love to sleep. My body loves it when I sleep. My body is not happy when I don’t get enough sleep. Well, I began praying that my body would require less sleep and I could use some of the time that used to be consumed by sleeping to be more efficient. Well, the past 2 nights, I’ve not been able to fall asleep till close to midnight. The past 2 mornings I’ve had breakfast meetings at 6:00. I’ve felt great.

I know this is not very “dangerous” but it is to me, because God has heard my prayers and answered them. Believe me, the past 2 nights I have wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. It’s dangerous because I prayed for it, but I was’t quite ready for it.

What’s your dangerous prayer?

~ by rhinorun on September 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dangerous Prayers”

  1. thats quite a thought, i know sometimes that i dont necessarily think of my prayers more than just wishful thinking or requests i really haven’t thought through all the way…….thats a good question……what is my “dangerous prayer”?

  2. My dangerous prayer was that I would do such a great job as a mother that my children would be independent and not need me. I feel I was very successful but praise God they still want me around!!!

  3. Right now, my “dangerous prayer” is when I ask God to help me see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but His truth in my life. I thought I was prepared for what God would show me and CONTINUE to show me, but I wasn’t. I had a pretty good idea of where He would go, but I had NO idea of how much it would impact me and weigh on my heart and mind. The next step is for me to do something, to take an active role in making the necessary changes in my life, to step outside of my comfort zone. I asked God to show me, He did, now I have no excuse. Was I REALLY ready for the accountability? “Dangerous prayers…”

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