Sunday Breakdown

We’re still having issues with our sound! It’s starting to get really frustrating. We’re short two monitors, the soundboard is acting up, and our stage volume is crazy loud. But in spite of all that, God is still providing for some GREAT times of worship. Here is today’s setlist.

My Glorious (Abel led this one and did an AWESOME job)
Salvation’s Chorus
God is With Us (this is a new one we introduced today. I absolutely love this song and know it will become a standard for Life Church!)
Glorious One/O Come Let Us Adore Him (we ended Glorious One with an impromptu chorus of O Come Let Us Adore Him. It flowed really well and it was exciting to hear everyone singing along so loudly during the ending chorus!)
Lead Me To The Cross (Amy did a WONDERFUL job leading this song. It’s such a powerful tune!)
We Shine (This song is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite worship songs. It is so awesome to to just let go and let loose on this song. This one is also one of Grayson’s favorite songs right now too, he goes around the house singing “We’re the people of God, yeah the people of God” all while pumping his fists!)


~ by rhinorun on September 7, 2008.

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