I’m A Jerk

I’m a jerk. Sometimes I feel that way. Let me give you the back story…

Last night we were about to sit down for dinner and the phone rang. I answered It and the man on the other line began his scripted sales pitch for his alarm systems. So what was my response? “Oh, i’m so excited you called right at dinner time. That’s such a GREAT time for telemarketing calls. CLICK”

It hit me as soon as I put the phone down. I am a jerk. I felt horrible about the way I had acted. I had to apologize to Mandy and Grayson for being so rude and not setting a good example.

So then what did we do? We prayed that the man I had been rude to would have the most productive night of sales he ever had.

Did it make it right? No, but at least we tryed to make the most out of it and use it as a teaching point for both Grayson and me.

So, I felt like a jerk but I learned a lot. It hurts to see the real you sometimes.



~ by rhinorun on August 27, 2008.

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